Words By Anthony Redpath – 2 Days Until Exhibition

Two days until the big day! I’m spending the day with Patrick at Maison Taché taking care of every last details. It’s hot and sweaty in Québec and I wish I could take 4 showers a day!!!

Irrational Fear Of Confined Spaces 3 is the featured piece today. Anthony Redpath has crafted a text to describe what he sees here. Anthony was my first mentor and gave me my first job in the photography world. I learned the technical side of photography from him, although I will probably never master the use of light the way he has. It is safe to say that I wouldn’t be where I am at today if our paths hadn’t crossed. Once again, thank you Anthony.



With her body of work, “Irrational Fear of Confined Spaces” Melissa Mercier
confronts her obsession with open space, and her absolute disdain for clutter in her life. These sentiments are exemplified in her aesthetic experience and demonstrated in her photographs. The practice of finding the simple subjects she chooses is an escape from managing the clutter of everyday life.

In “Irrational Fear of Confined Spaces 3″, the logs we see preserved under pristine water are more about lines and texture,  colour and space than about cultural comment on logging practices or ecology for example. Mercier transforms her  “Irrational Fears” into something very precise by careful control of these elements.

The resulting works evoke a peaceful state in the viewer. One seems to perceive infinite depth to the images, as we are enabled to escape our current reality for a moment. In dealing with her own anxiety, Mercier is pointing those who view her work to a more calm, meditative state of mind.

Anthony Redpath


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