Words By Grant/Vignale – 4 Days Until Exhibition

Today is day one of installation here at the Maison Taché exhibition. It doesn’t feel like there’s too much work to do, but I know myself, and one way or another there never seems to be enough time in a day. It’s very exciting to see the space!

The daily featured piece is Irrational Fear Of Confined Spaces 5, My two brilliant and extremely stimulating friends Cathy Grant and Damon Vignale collaborated to write the words below.


Initially, I wasn’t even sure I liked this photograph.  As I described the photograph (and how it made me feel) to Damon, I found myself using words like:  lonely, uncomfortable, afraid, uncertain that anyone could see-hear-feel me but at the same time somewhat hopeful (that lighting!) that I could be seen-heard-felt and, as a consequence, not really so alone.   No. 5 is oddly compelling; I find myself drawn into this photograph again and again.  There is a voice here:

Within the silence of an unspoken word lies the whisper of a voice unheard.

Yeah.  I actually quite like this photograph.  (And, I think you should sub-title it:  A voice unheard…)


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