Words By Jonny Hetherington – 3 Days until Exhibition

Today is the second day of installation at Maison Taché. Everything went very smoothly yesterday and there’s only a few details to wrap up.

The featured piece today is Irrational Fear Of Confined Spaces 4 and my absolute favorite artist, Jonny Hetherington (singer/songwriter), has shared some of his beautiful and hypnotic words.



Experiencing Irrational Fear Of Confined Spaces 4 is like trying to recall a fleeting dream.  It almost seems like what i imagine the journey from earth to an afterlife might be. It’s calming, but there is a finality lurking in these milky waters. This visual near death experience gives way to a near life experience the more I spend time with it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Being Melissa’s husband (and biggest fan), I enjoy a special relationship with her work. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to be there for the inception which is a sight to behold,  but nothing is more powerful than standing in front of her framed pieces and soaking up the way she chooses to capture the world and present her vision. I especially love how her home gallery has transformed my every day life into a dream world that sometimes makes reality a challenge to recall.

Jonny Hetherington


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