80 Years Of Art With The Vancouver Art Gallery

The Vancouver Art Gallery is celebrating 80 years of Art and they have asked me to select a favorite from their 10 000 piece collection. Not an easy task, considering the amount of work I have fallen in love with over the years visiting the Art Gallery. One photograph that I have always loved is Rodney Graham, Ponderosa Pine, 1992.

“Rodney’s work forces me to look inside myself. It’s peculiar how the image of a tree upside down convinces the brain that it could in fact be the very root system of the tree itself, as the surface of the earth swaps sky for dirt. This bends our perception of what is upside down and what is right side up. The complexity and beauty of a tree’s vascular  system reminds me of the circulator y system of my own body, begging the question: am I the root system beneath the earth or a tree stretching up to the sun?”

Rodney Graham, Ponderosa Pine, 1992. Chromogenic print. Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Gift of Sandra Simpson.



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