Where Is Your Passion

I’ve been thinking a lot about passion these last few weeks maybe even months. Not the lover kind of passion but the career kind of passion. I so rarely meet people who have found theirs. Most of the people I meet are unsuccessfully trying to find their fascination or have given up all together. Why is passion rarely brought up in our formal education? Shouldn’t it be required by the time you have finished high school that you at least have an idea what your passion is? Why isn’t there a class dedicated only to that as opposed to all the other classes we could live without? I am always going to remember the day my guidance counselor told me that photography was probably not a good career choice since I probably wouldn’t make enough money. I listened to him and studied in fashion instead. Sure I LOVE fashion, but it turns out I was completely wrong to follow his advice because I knew all along that my true passion was photography. After all, I have collected beautiful pictures from magazines for as long as I can remember.

Yesterday I stumbled upon the video below and I was completely uplifted to hear photographer Ian Ruhter‘s story. It’s beautiful, exciting and refreshing. It’s also the perfect motivation to start your week. Follow your dream!


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