Purple And Red

Strangely obsessing with the attractive contrast of purple and red. I am not really certain why, but I simply love those two colors together!


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  1. crystal says: March 31, 201611:22 am

    I think of a detective wearing warm purple and almost an even amount of dusky red. I thought those colors were too warm, kinda suffocating, but as with the photo of the room of chairs you have purp-red can look good. Then again, the combination is two expressive colors that might feel like my personality is more on my clothes than ever. It feels like a combination I’d wear in private, but then it’s so strong and unique I’d like to wear it outside.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I don’t know. Maybe I’ll try red, olives, browns, purples, and off-white set-by-set to see what I can tolerate sharing. My wardrobe has all those colors except red and I vie to wear red.
    Good luck!

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