Valentine’s Day With Friends

I woke up this morning and realized that Valentine’s day is right around the corner and remembered one of my absolute favorite past Valentine’s. It was years ago and it was with 5 of my best friends. None of us were linked romantically , but there was so much love around that table that night. I will never forget that special night.

Let’s celebrate the color pink!


  1. heidi says: April 2, 20137:48 pm

    melissa, I stumbled across your blog via pinterest…I saw one of my images pinned so I clicked to see the source, it brought me to this post/your blog.

    • Melissa Mercier says: April 8, 20138:39 am

      Hi Heidi,
      I emailed you a couple of times, but haven’t heard back from you yet.

  2. Juliana says: June 3, 20145:11 am

    Hi Melissa, I really enjoy your blog, you have wonderful ideas and such a unique style.
    I wanted to ask you if one wants to buy some lingerie or any other item from your blog. where do I get the information from ?.

    Thanks for your help.

  3. Maria Jose Carpio says: April 29, 20164:53 pm

    Hello Melissa. I have a question for you. These photos you take them? … Loved the marshmallows.

    Nice day.

  4. Maria Jose Carpio says: April 29, 20165:12 pm

    Sorry … I did wrong my question, are you take your own photos?…i like it.

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