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I am often asked if I like working from home and if I would recommend it to others. The answer could not be more simple: I absolutely LOVE working from home! The advantages are endless, but what I prefer the most, is the freedom it gives me. As any likeminded creative person knows, it’s tough to predict when inspiration will strike and it is often at unusual hours. I can guarantee that if the muse came late in the evening it would be too challenging to head back to the office and would most likely get pushed until the next day. Working from home provides the freedom of being creative when the moment strikes, from just after waking up in the morning or staying up through the night.

To be productive in a home environment I require a “work only”  dedicated area.  It’s not necessarily a separate room, but simply an area well divided and set up for work focus. Check out these beautiful home offices below and a few “must have” gadgets.

Here are some other benefits of working without an office:

1.Rent and furniture costs.Renting an office space can cost upwards of $1500 a month, and furnishing an office is also expensive. If you don’t have a traditional office, you save a lot of money that you can put towards other things for your company. Paying money for rent is outdated – about 20 to 30 million Americans work from home currently, and a recent study showed that Yahoo employees who work from home are about 13% more productive than when they work in the office. 13% is a huge increase in productivity.

2.Spending money on other things. Most companies can’t afford to make their employees work lives better because they are spending money on rent and utilities for an office building. When a business doesn’t have an office, they can afford bonuses, raises, and better payroll services. There are a lot of options for payroll software, such as Intuit Payroll, which gives you the choice of doing payroll yourself or having paychecks and taxes done for you.

3.Tax advantages. This is a great perk to working from home – you can write off some of your utilities, mortgage, insurance, and repairs. These are just a few of the deductions you can get working from home. Another advantage is commuting to meetings with clients. You can write off gas and travel expenses if your client holds meetings outside of your home office. Make sure you find all of the tax credits you get when you file each year and also, a knowledgable accountant.

These are just a few of the many benefits of having a business without an office. Productivity and opportunity increase and stress decreases. Why wouldn’t you want to live in an office free life?


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